E-Course offered by SAIT


The courses are taught in English by Professors of the SAIT college. Each individual course is 20 hours long. Except for watching the videos, the student has to fulfill 2 more assignments: the exam at a convenient place and the course assignment. The latter is reading a book (or books), making a book report, and studying his or her notes. with the exception of the course on homiletics (with other requirements).

For each of the 11 courses, there is a course paper with the necessary information as the course outline, the book to read, etc. The contents of the course are under the responsibility of the teachers and do not perse express the opinion of the college as such.

Not all the courses are available at the same time

Spiritual requirements: a born-again experience, a clear Christian walk, and work, A written testimony according to Acts 26. Three references among one of the pastor of the student. 
Infrastructure: the student needs to have access to a Theological library such as the one at the Norton Bridge campus.
English medium : All classes will be online, on DVD or taught in person, so proficiency in English is an absolute requirement.
Degree: Degrees and certificates are offered by SAIT, Sri Lanka only after completion of all courses, course requirements, and payment of all tuition.
Books: Most books are available in PDF from the college. Powerpoint presentations of the courses are als available.
DVDs: a separate program file for watching the DVDs is available for students who need to upgrade their computer or tablet.


Church History 1,2,3

1. Acts to the Middle Ages

2. Middle Ages through the Reformation

3. Reformation to the present time

Books: Groups in Church History, Great man of the Church, compiled by Dr Bruno/ L. Borkes


Part 1 is Available now



Part 1 The Church

Part 2 The 2 Offices of the Church

Part 3 The Ordinances of the Church

Books: Handbook of Evangelical Theology, Robert Lightner (Kregel P.217-246)


Available now


Introduction to the New Testament


Available now


Introduction to the Old Testament

Historicity, Origins, apocryphic books, Hapax Legomena, genre, Historical timeline


Available now


1. Pre-existence of Christ. 

2. The Angel of the Lord. 

3. The Messianic claims of Christ. 4. The Diety of Christ. 

5 The abilities that prove He is God. 

6. The Virgin Birth.

7. The Miracles. 

8. The Death of Christ. 

9. The Resurrection of Christ 

10. The Ascension of Christ 

Available now 


Cults and Sects

Marks of the cults

Prosperity Gospel




Available now


Synoptic Gospels

The Synoptic Table, the Problem

Variations in parables

Relationship with John

the Augustinian hypothesis


Available now

The Book of Acts

The ministry of:

The Apostle Peter

The Apostle Paul

The Early church


 Available now



How to make a Sermon that sticks?


Background information


Available now



How to defend your faith

From Justin Martyr to Bonhoeffer

Attacks to Christianity

Guidelines for doing apologetics

Two Approaches

The use of logic


Is available now



rules of interpretation

Exegesis and Application of a text


Available now